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It’s soooo important to teach our kids about kindness at a young age. This will set the path on how our children will act for the rest of their lives. Above everything else, we want our children to be kind to others and kind to themselves. We’ve all heard the saying, “Love is kind. Anything else isn’t love at all.” This captures how we all hope we’d behave towards the people we care most about in the world. This is why here at SmartOne Life, we've decided to team up with your child's schools and launch a PARENT AMBASSADOR PROGRAM. 
Children face many obstacles as they get older, including bullying, feelings of embarrassment and sadness when they don’t “fit in” with a certain group. Unfortunately, it’s often easy to miss the signs of an unhappy child. By joining the SmartOne Parent Ambassador Program, this is a way to get involved with your child’s school and make a difference in the lives of all the students who will be your child’s classmates for the next several years. We are working with schools, teachers, parents and non-profit organizations to spread the word of love and caring, in hopes of making the world a better place. Helping children find happiness and confidence is one of, if not the top priorities of all parents and this is a great way to make this happen.
When you sign up for the program, we will help you set up a date with your school to give a presentation to your child's class. Every student in that class will receive a FREE empowerment t-shirt, we will give a presentation on the importance of caring for their classmates and friends and then everyone will play games with the students to help them better understand the importance of being kind to everyone around them and team building. At the end of the presentation, group pictures will be taken and each child will also receive a free SmartOne goodie bag. 
There is absolutely no cost for you to join the program. The program only requires your time spent directly with your child's school and your child’s classmates. Simply fill out the form on the PARENT AMBASSADOR PROGRAM and then someone from SmartOne will reach out to you to discuss the details. 
We hope to hear from you because there’s no better way to impact your child’s life than getting involved!


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