It all started with one father’s ambition to pass along to his daughter the feelings of happiness and confidence he had been raised to appreciate.  As parents, we understand each child is unique and responds differently to situations. Yet one thing always remains the same, a child who grows up feeling happy and confident will live a better life overall, learning to overcome challenges with courage and experience success with gratitude.  

SmartOne was founded with the purpose to provide inspiration and promote positive energy to each of us every day.  Our thoughts make us who we are and who we will become. Whatever we believe we can achieve. This is the subtle unstoppable message that SmartOne shares within their lifestyle brand and is available to everyone.  

SmartOne reinforces this empowering message through our charity activities by giving back a portion of all sales through partnerships with local schools and organizations.  We invite you to join our cause, together let’s make a difference and live a SmartOne life.

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As parents, we’re able to recognize our children’s strengths and potential, but don’t always appropriately encourage them to make big dreams, accomplish their goals and to reach their full potential. What many of us don’t recognize is that at young age, our children may still only be seeing roadblocks that stand in their way as opposed to the possibility of reaching the endless possibilities of their full potential. So what can we do to inspire our children, the future leaders of the world and the people around them?

Here at SmartOne, we combined two powerful inspiring words to create unity among our friends, family and neighbors. The SmartOne logo was created for the sole purpose of spreading inspiration and empowerment to all and to share a common goal between us – TO DO BETTER! As a country, we’ve never been more divided than we are right now and here at SmartOne, we aim to bridge the gap by bringing empowerment to those in need. Imagine what we the people can do, if we all worked together towards one major goal – to help those in need, to stop bullying, feeding the hungry, clothing the homeless, etc. The results would be unstoppable and extremely contagious. That’s the meaning behind the SmartOne brand and the message you’re sending out to the world when you put on a pair of our socks. Be the “SmartOne” out of your friends and family and help change the future, today.

Join the team, spread the good, be a SMARTONE!