Become a Parent Ambassador with SmartOne and give the gift of confidence.We are working with schools, teachers, parents and non profit organizations to spread the word of caring and make the world a better place.

When you sign up for our program we will share with your kid’s whole class our empowering t-shirts free of any cost.

Who Is Eligible to Join? 

Any parent of a school age child (ages 5-16) in the USA

Why should I join? 

Children face many obstacles as they grow including bullying, feelings of embarrassment, and sadness when they don’t fit in to the group.  It’s often easy to miss the signs of an unhappy child.  This is a way to get involved with your child’s school and make a difference in the lives of all the students who will be your child’s classmates for the next several years.  Helping children find happiness and confidence is the top priority of all parents and this is a great way to make that happen. 


What do I have to do?

SmartOne will provide everything to you in advance of the day.  You will reach out directly to your child’s principal and/or teacher to schedule a date.  If you are located in the NYC area, a representative of SmartOne will also join for the event to assist you.  You will talk with the students about the importance of caring and helping one another, and play games with the students to help them understand the importance of being kind to everyone.  At the end of the event, group photos can be taken, and SmartOne goodie bags will be given to each child. 

Is there any cost to participate?

This program only requires your time, spent directly with your school and your child’s classmates.

How can I sign up?

Simply fill out the form below with your Full Name, City/State, Age of Child(ren), Email and Phone Number!