Take A Stand

SmartOne Launches

"make america mine again" campaign

SmartOne, the NYC activewear designer, has taken a stand against the current trend in American politics. Frustrated by the increasing division and the alarming sensation that important sectors of society are being marginalized and silenced, the company has launched a campaign centered around the battle cry, “Make America Mine Again”.

According to Brigitte Duque, CEO of SmartOne Apparel, everywhere you turn you see another group of Americans being pushed to the sidelines. It's not just race or sexual preference. The vitriol pouring out of Washington is constant and pernicious. At SmartOne we believe that it's time for people of all colors, sexual orientations, genders and religious beliefs to stand up and shout make America mine again.”

The company which designs and manufactures quality yoga pants, tops and sports bras, has traditionally kept away from making political statements. However, given the current climate they have decided to step up and take a stand.

When asked what athletic wear has to do with politics, Duque responded, “when the President of the United States is disparaging Americans left, right and center, we felt it was necessary to have our say. At SmartOne we firmly believe that one group of society does not have a right to claim ownership of what it means to be American. As a woman, as an entrepreneur and as someone who has always believed in the true values of America, I feel that the current situation cannot go unanswered.”

As a part of this campaign, SmartOne will be featuring on its website the stories of strong women who are working to make a difference. “We have set aside inventory and marketing resources to help project the work of true patriots who make us feel proud of being American. Despite being a small company we know we have a big message.” concluded Duque.