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Why SmartOne Life: Make The World Better For Tomorrow

Today’s youth are the future leaders of tomorrow and here at SmartOne Life, we’re working towards inspiring, motivating and empowering the world one donation at a time. That’s why we would like you to help join in on the mission, help empower today’s youth, and help us make for a better tomorrow. Together we can change the world.

As an organization or school, by joining the SmartOne Life program, your organization will be able to receive 20% of all website purchases when your company is selected at checkout and you can then use that money towards whatever you need. Whether it’s supplying your school with new books or hiring an extra pair of helping hands in the animal shelter, the money is yours. The process is as easy as filling out an application, being approved and then you can start collecting donations as quickly as a few days with absolutely no cost at all. When a customer buys any product from the SmartOne website, you’re in charge of where you would like to have your money donated. Whether you want to help fight hunger or donate to your local school, you’re in the drivers seat.

With the power of the internet, donating to your favorite cause has never been easier. Now that you can make donations while buying your favorite apparel, making donations has never felt or even looked this good before! Lets join together as a community and make the world better for tomorrow!

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