Why Giving Back Is Important

Why Giving Back Is Important

Some people believe that you have to be rich or have tons of free time to give back to your community. These days, that just isn’t true. You don’t need to be rich to help out others; what you need is motivation. With SmartOne Life, giving back is now easier than ever. With every purchase you make on our website, you get to choose where your money goes. As you check out, simply choose which charity or organization you would like to donate your proceeds to, and we will donate 20% of your order to that charity. Giving back to your community can be an incredibly rewarding and life changing experience. But did you know that giving back to your community will not only create a sense of gratitude, it’s also good for your mind and body? There have been a number of studies that suggest generosity and giving back could positively impact our health, both mentally and physically. Here are some reasons why giving back is very important to people in need of help, for you and others around you.
1. When you give, it encourages a culture of giving:
We all know behaviors are contagious. If you friends and/or family see you giving back to society, it makes it even more likely that the idea will stick with them. Many people who have gotten into charity work, have been inspired by someone in their community who has done so before them. Be a difference maker and start a trend that helps everyone. 
2. Giving back creates a feeling of gratitude and can have great health benefits:
There’s science behind why you might experience a surge of happiness when you do something generous for someone else. When you give back, you create feelings of compassion, humanity and appreciation and it can boost your overall mood. There is nothing greater than the feeling of accomplishment when helping out others that are in need. Some studies even suggest that giving back can boost your overall life satisfaction. Studies show that people are happier overall when they give to others and that the more they do or give, the happier they tend to be. This is referred to as “the joy of giving”.
3. Ease poverty, struggling and suffering:
When giving back to others in need, this helps provide some instant relief from poverty, struggling and suffering. Even if it isn’t sustainable long-term, people still need access to food, clothes and basic sanitation in this immediate moment. This can be achieved in several ways. You can donate to a cause like SmartOne Life does, become a volunteer or be involved in corporate giving. 
4. Giving back creates a country of emotionally aware people:
When we’re not personally faced with the realities of people who are less fortunate, it’s easy to fall into a sense of moral “sleep”. Once we make the conscious effort to get out and help those in need, it gives us greater emotional awareness, which helps us become emotionally intelligent people. 
5. Giving back will help you grow as a person:
When engaged in humanitarian and philanthropic causes, you somehow can’t help but be touched as a human being. Your emotional awareness increases, your care and consideration for others is heightened and you’re exposed to new and different people. This will help you dramatically grow as a person. 
Whatever the reason you have for giving back and whichever way you look at it, helping those in need has amazing benefits for both you and the recipient. Strengthening people in need through giving back to society, is huge and is something we should all think about doing. Hopefully this inspires you to give and contribute to society any way possible in your lifetime. Live a smart life and be a SmartOne!
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