SmartOne began in Long Island as two brothers try to find a way to encourage their kids even when they were not around to do so. The pair wanted to remind their kids how great they are and how far their dreams can take them.

So hey decided to stamped the word “Smartone” in the inside of their kids clothing to remind them not only how great they could be at school, but how good of a person they can turned to be, to help them make the right decisions and most important, to care about others.

We believe that our products can make the difference in someone’s live. Because if you believe in yourself you can do anything, that's why we've devoted ourselves to creating products that can remind you that everyday you can make the difference in your live and in someone’s live as you strive to make your dreams come true.

You need to feel confident, comfortable and capable, and we believe that our products play a unique role in making that possible. We're all about you and your accomplishments.








We believe that life is about breaking the status quo, pushing beyond what you thought was possible and enduring the pain that inevitably accompanies striving after a worthwhile goal. You've learned that achievement isn't about someone else recognizing your potential, but rather you knowing you made the necessary effort.

Without even thinking or trying to be, you’re a SmartOne. You've realized that life is about consciously deciding who you want to be, and putting in the sacrifices required to live up to that ideal.

We design our products to help be your companions, to remind you of how great you are and how much better can always be, our goal is to be your partner on the journey towards your success.



I AM SMART. My thoughts make me who I am and guide me towards who I will become To think and feel smart makes me unstoppable.